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Hey there, fellow Plebs! Let me tell you about $PLEB—it's more than just another token. It's our fortress in the wild world of crypto. We cooked up this bad boy to keep all us Plebs safe and sound. No taxes and liquidity's burnt to a crisp—ain't no funny business round here!

$PLEB's for the Plebs who grind hard but never catch a break. Whether you're chasing highs, diving lows, or even flirting with rug pulls, we've been there. We're all in this together, fam.

It's time for us Plebs to unite—less influencers, no more getting played by the big shots. It's our time to shine!

With $PLEB backing you up, you can finally kick it back and chill, knowing your investments are rock-solid. Let's ride these crypto waves with confidence, Plebs!

pleb promises

plebs don't pay taxes

plebs always burn liquidity

contract renounced


How to buy PLEB

Set up your wallet

Grab a wallet (like Metamask, Rabby, or Coinbase Wallet) and stash some ETH in there. Remember, it's crucial to keep those seed phrases safe, Chads.

Bridge to base

Hop on the official Base bridge ( or a safe alternative to transfer your ETH from mainnet to Base.

Visit uniswap

After your ETH lands on Base, head over to Then, paste the contract address for $PLEB and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

You're a pleb now

Good job! Now, join the pleb community and let's take things to the next level.


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